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Person and Organization Disambiguation
If you want to contribute, you have to identify yourself!

The world of Compliance as Code offers us all a chance to contribute. Before they let us contribute, they have to know who we are!

Projects such as the OSN Skills Network, NIST’s CyberSecurity community, the UCF’s Roles database, Jooble, O*NET, ComplianceDictionary.com, WordNIK, etc., all allow either identified persons or identified organizations to make direct contributions to their content.

Notice that we said “identified” up there? That’s because when contributing to each of these projects, the project needs to know who (person or organization) is the contributor. They can’t rely on “Joe Schmoe” or “Sally Sidewalk” without knowing which Joe or Sally they are referencing.

Same thing for your organization. If you are contributing to shared content, your own organization will need to track you, too.

This webinar will go through how each person and organization is disambiguated and how that works by giving you a no-code template to try it out!


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