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Introduction to Compliance as Code
The Unified Compliance team has been working on a new effort for the past 18 months - the integration of the Unified Compliance Framework into the Compliance as Code worldwide effort – and now, we need your help.

First off, what is Compliance as Code?
Compliance as Code gives us the structures to read, interpret, and output compliance requirements in human and machine-readable formats simultaneously. It also allows us to standardize our responses to these requirements concurrently in human and machine-readable formats. Consequently, acquisition, interpretation, and response to compliance requirements can be shared ubiquitously through independent language data formats such as JSON-LD.

What does that do for us?
- It allows us to acquire and store compliance content in a standardized model.
- It allows the use of Natural Language Processing tools to programmatically deduce meaning instead of humans guessing at an author’s meaning.
- It allows us to connect the various elements together through scientific means rather than opinion alignment.
- It allows us to make compliance requirements interoperable with compliance implementation and validation.

For us here at Unified Compliance, Compliance as Code represents a brand-new way of delivering our content (on top of what you get now) to you and through our OEM partners.


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